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How to Stop Snoring Without Surgery?

Anti-snoring DeviceThe resonating sounds caused by snoring can disrupt the sleep of a snorer and even the sleeping partner. Many people think that surgery is the only way to get rid of snoring. This is, however, not true.

There are many ways in which an effective control over snoring can be sought. These include lifestyle modifications, dietary changes, and even use of anti-snoring appliances.


Lifestyle modifications that can help stop snoring include the following:

  1. Avoiding sleeping on the back. Sleeping on the back makes the muscles of throat fall backwards, leading to partial obstruction of the airway. It is advised for the snorers to sleep on the side. In order to get rid of the habit of sleeping on the back, a snorer can try tennis ball method as well.
  2. Introducing light exercise in daily regime can also ease off the problem. In 90% of the cases, excess fat or obesity is the major factor behind snoring. By following a daily routine of exercise, the problem can be eased to a great extent.
  3. Avoidance of heavy foods before going to bed, cutting on the intake of alcohol, avoiding smoking cigarettes etc.
  4. Developing and following a sleeping routine and using a room humidifier in the bedroom can also help ease off the problem of snoring to a significant extent.

Besides lifestyle modifications, here are a few dietary changes and home remedies that you can introduce to get rid of snoring:

  1. Dairy products increase the production of mucus in the nasal passages. This narrows the airways and restricts the flow of air. It is thus advisable for the snorers to avoid intake of dairy products before bedtime as it can precipitate the production of mucus.
  2. Consuming honey and lemon is an old remedy to stop snoring. Few teaspoons of honey mixed in fresh lemon juice can be taken before bedtime to relieve the problem.
  3. Onions are known for their natural anti-inflammatory properties. They can greatly help reduce the symptoms associated with cold and flu. Besides being loaded with antioxidants, eating onions can help with nasal and throat congestion as well.
  4. Mixture of lemon and thyme can also reduce the mucus in the throat. You can consume lemon tea before sleeping and add thyme to your casseroles or dinner.
  5. Hot foods like horseradish and garlic also help to dry up nasal passages and controlling the excess mucus production. This improves the airflow and eases off the blockage of sinuses and snoring.

There are many types of anti-snoring devices that can be used by snorers to seek relief. Most common of these include Mouth Guards, CPAP machines, chin straps, jaw aligners, dental guards, sinus strips, etc. Many of these appliances and devices can be custom molded to make the most of them. There are nasal sprays meant to stop snoring as well. Many of these sprays are made up of herbal constituents and offer a natural way to combat snoring.

Trying out a suitable snoring cure can give your energy back to you. The respiratory disturbance that sounds innocent in the starting phase can become a reason behind a number of associated troubles. It indirectly relates to health problems like hypertension and even cardiac diseases. Snoring can deteriorate the quality of life due to daytime somnolence, excessive fatigue, irritability, and inability to perform well at work. Snoring becomes a bane for many relationships where both the partners end up sleeping in different rooms. It is imperative to seek a timely treatment to stop snoring.

People who wonder about Stop Snoring Surgery being the only way to combat snoring should understand that with the use of lifestyle and dietary modification and a suitable device, the battle against snoring can be won easily. Surgery to Stop Snoring is the last resort when all other cures, modifications, and remedies fail to show any results. Studies reveal that nearly 95% of the snorers first seek benefit from trying out non-invasive methods of controlling snoring. Trying out a few home remedies or dietary modifications till you find the best one - is worth a try. Timely treatment of the snoring will not only save your romantic relationship but it will not let snoring interfere with your health and professional life as well.

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