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Stop Snoring Mouthpiece: Which one is Right for You?

Snoring MouthpieceSnoring can be frustrating and embarrassing as well. It not only disrupts a good night sleep of the snorer but it can also be a problem for the sleeping partner of the snorer.

Besides predisposing a person to a variety of health troubles, it can bring turmoil in an otherwise good relationship.



There are many health risks that come associated with snoring, some of which can be listed as follows:

  • Frequent spells of awakening from the sleep.
  • Long interruptions in the breathing while sleeping.
  • Light sleeping.
  • Hypertension and increased risk of heart diseases.
  • Fatigue and low performance at work.
  • Poor overall quality of sleep at night.

There are many ways to get rid of snoring. Many rely on home remedies for the same whereas few opt to seek help of a suitable Stop Snoring Mouthpiece. In view of a variety of mouthpieces for stopping snoring, finding the right one is not easy.

However, here are a few tips on choosing the right anti-snoring mouthpiece:

  • Look for a mouthpiece that is comfortable to wear and will not hurt your gums, teeth or mouth in any way. Make sure you see a good periodontist to get it perfectly molded for your size.
  • In order to effectively use a mouthpiece, you should consider your ability to breathe through your nasal passage as well.
  • Go through the reviews provided by different users of the mouthpieces to help you discover how users have benefited from different models or the handicaps that these may have.

In order to find a good Mouth Piece to Stop Snoring, you should have a look at the different options available.

Here are the most popular and commonly used mouthpieces for snoring relief:

1. Snore Eliminator

This mouthpiece is made up of soft plastic and offers a durable solution to snoring. It is easy to use and many people find it more comfortable than any other type of mouthpieces. This anti-snoring mouthpiece comes with self molding custom fitting that makes it a preferred choice of a large number of snorers. It normalizes sleep, eliminates sleep apnea, and also enhances the overall quality of the sleep.

2. PreSnore

If you have moderate or severe sleep apnea, it offers a good choice for you. It works by bringing the bottom jaw forward. The working mechanism opens the airway and tightens the loose tissue at the back of the throat that can prevent snoring. It offers an inexpensive and durable solution for snoring as well as sleep apnea.

3. SnoreMate

It works by moving the lower jaw forward and allowing air to pass without restraint through the mouth. By increasing the diameter of the air passage, it reduces the speed of the air that travels into the lungs. This thus reduces the vibrations in the throat tissues. It is easy to use. You can just remove it from mouth after a night of usage and put it in cold water. It will get back into its shape and will be ready once again for use.

4. AveoTSD

It is a tongue stabilizing Mouth Piece to Stop Snoring that works great on stopping snoring. It offers an inexpensive and non-invasive solution to combat snoring. It can be attached to the tongue using gentle suction. It is made up of medical grade silicon. It is clinically proven beneficial for large number of snoring patients and comes with the advantage of ease of usage as well.

Every snoring mouthpiece works differently to cure snoring in different types of patients. They offer a good choice for people who wish to get rid of snoring in a non-invasive method. However, a careful research needs to be conducted in order to make the best choice of a mouthpiece. You can consult your primary care physician or dentist to identify the intensity of your snoring and then provide you with best options. Seeking help of a mouthpiece will not only save you from going under the knife but it will also provide you with peaceful and restful sleep at night in a hassle-free manner.

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