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This article teaches you 6 easy snoring remedies that get results, and anybody can do them

Snoring is unhealthy and it keeps you from getting a good night’s sleep. Actually, it’s probably worse for the people around you! Snoring remedies can help you get the night’s sleep you need and make other people more willing to share the room with you. Here are 6 very simple home remedies.

1. Clear Out Your Sinuses

Snoring TreatmentA common cause of snoring is sinus congestion. It clogs the throat with mucous which is irritated by dry air. Before going to sleep, take a steam bath and try to blow everything out of your nose. The steam isn’t necessary; another method is to inhale water and then blow it back out again. You can also use a humidifier to moisturize the air in your room and keep it from drying out.

2. The Tennis Ball Method

How Do You Stop SnoringAlthough it sounds strange if you’ve never tried it, the tennis ball technique is one of the best snoring remedies. Many people snore only when they sleep on their back. The snoring is caused by the position of their head and throat. If this sounds like you, put a tennis ball in an old shirt pocket and sew it to the back of your pajama shirt. This will force you to roll over in your sleep!

3. Sing A Little

How Can I Stop SnoringAnother one of the most surprising remedies for snoring is to simply sing. When you sing, it stretches out your throat muscles and gets them working. This prevents them from contracting and squeezing the air passage when you’re sleeping. Go to karaoke, sing along with your favorite CD before sleeping, or give a mini-concert in the shower.

4. Ginger And Honey

Remedies for SnoringGinger is something most of us have in the kitchen somewhere. It helps by making you salivate and this moisturizes your throat. A delicious bed-time treat is grated ginger and honey. If that’s too much for you, you can drink soothing ginger tea by steeping ginger root in hot water.

5. Elevate Your Head

Snore RemediesAnother method is to elevate your head. You might be storing because your head is too far back, and this is causing your air passageway to tighten. An easy way to elevate your head is to use an extra pillow. Of all snore remedies, this one helps the most people get a better sleep at night.

6. Stretch Before Bed

Solutions for SnoringExercise is one of the best snoring remedies, but if you’re not into doing that, simply stretching before you go to bed may help. It helps by calming you and getting your muscles into a relaxed state. You can accompany your stretching with some throat stretching as well. Open your mouth wide and cock your jaw to each side for about 30 seconds.

There are medical treatments for snoring as well, but they come with a high price tag and they’re often not effective. It could be a waste of money and a huge hassle. Try these snoring remedies before you drive your significant other completely insane with your snoring!

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