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Discover 3 snoring cures that are all natural and much easier than getting surgery

If someone close to you snores while sleeping, you’re probably desperate for snoring cures. You probably know that your doctor has a few medical snoring cures to offer. However, surgery and devices such as CPAP that stop snoring are expensive and produce limited results. Surgery for snoring has only a 45-70% success rate. Here are some snoring cures that you can do yourself and they’ll save you the hospital bills.

1. Inhale Steam

Snoring CuresRun hot water or heat a pot full of water on the stove. Then, cover your head with a blanket and breathe in the steam. The first time or two will be a bit uncomfortable but you can easily work this into your pre-bedtime routine. If you do it for just 10 minutes, you’ll see results.

The reason why steam is one of the best natural cures for snoring is that it eliminates nasal congestion, which is one of the major causes of snoring. A good steam bath along with a thorough nose-blowing can make a huge difference in your night’s sleep. It also helps by giving you more moisture. Dry air, especially in the winter time, is also a common cause.

2. Jaw Support

Cures for SnoringYou can buy devices very cheaply that support your jaw such as chin-up strips. These devices help you close your mouth and position your jaw in a more natural way. One of the main reasons people snore is that they sleep on their back with their mouth open. This puts pressure on the throat and causes it to constrict.

Before you pay any money for a jaw supporter, make sure that sleeping open-mouthed is the cause of your snoring. One way that you can tell is that you wake up each morning with a dry throat. This is usually a sign that you’re an open-mouth sleeper.

3. Sing Your Way To Freedom

Natural Cures for SnoringExercise is one of the best cures for snoring, and this doesn’t mean getting out and jogging (although that is also a huge help). These are facial exercises that stretch your mouth, tongue, and throat. One of the best is singing.

Try singing something like, ‘sha-la-la-la’ at the top of your voice range. Hold the last ‘la’ for 3 seconds or longer if it’s not a terrible strain. Next, try it with other sounds, like ‘ka-ka-ka-ka’ and ‘ma-ma-ma-ma.’

The whole idea is that this stretches out your throat naturally so that it is less likely to tighten in your sleep. This is why singers do it; to reduce tension in the throat. Although your partner and family members will be annoyed hearing you ‘warm up’ your voice this way, they’ll be really happy when they hear the results – a night without snoring!

It’s important to try out these simple cures for snoring before you decide on surgery. Sometimes, the easiest snoring cures work the best! And if these methods work, you won’t have to deal with the hassle and expense of an operation. You’ll sleep better and everyone around you will be glad that you gave it a try.

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