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Are there any apps that can help you sleep?

Count Sheep HD-iPhone You have seen the commercials where they say “there’s an app for that.” In reality, there is an application for everything. Smart phones have changed the world because at the press of a button, you can change your entire situation. For example, you have a crying baby that will not go to sleep. There is an app for that. Type in “white noise” and you can find an application to help put your little one to sleep. Another great example, you have a snoring spouse that won’t let you sleep. There’s an app for that too. Sleep is very important and at this point, you will probably do anything you can to get a few hours of decent sleep. The iPhone used to rule the roost when it came to smart phone apps, but now the Android offers plenty of apps to help you sleep better. Thankfully, you will never run out of apps to help you sleep because there is literally an app for everything out there.


Although Ambiance sounds more like a sleeping pill than a sleeping app, it’s still highly successful for those who use it. There are plenty of relaxing sounds to help aid your snoring partner or even youself. Sometimes it takes just a little smoothing sensation to get you to sleep for the night. This app is always being updated with new sounds, so you will most likely find the one for you.

Sleep Dream Relax-Android

Those sound like words you would rather be doing at the moment. This is the kind of app that lets you listen to relaxing sounds as you try to doze off. Maybe it will drown out the snoring noise that’s coming from your spouse, or maybe it will relax you so much that you sleep into oblivion. The relaxing noises are what fans rave about time after time.

Count Sheep HD-iPhone

The name of this app for the iPhone is rather catchy, but it truly works. Trying to sleep can be a nightmare for anyone and sometimes you just need a little help. This may be an unusual way to fall asleep; however, it seems to be working for some people. Counting sheep is no longer something you have to do in your head because you can do it right on your iPhone. Sometimes there is no other option, but to count sheep.

Sleep Music-Android

Playing music is a great way to get to sleep, plus it can drown out unwanted noises in the background. The neat part of this sleeping app is that the sound is reduced overtime. It may be loud when you turn it on, but it slowly fades down as you fall to sleep. Technology is getting sweeter with time and your sleeping habits are reaping the benefits. The Sleep Music app will help you relax and fall into a deep slumber. Perhaps it will relax your spouse so much that he/she stops snoring?

Liquid Mantra-iPhone

Keep in mind that there are a LOT of sleep apps out there, so the owners of this sleeping app needed to get creative with their name. The idea behind this app is that the liquid mantra and the soothing noises (or music) help you feel relaxed over time. Getting the best sleep possible is about falling asleep while there is nothing on your mind. In order to get sweet dreams, you literally need to clear your mind and this sleeping app for the iPhone helps you accomplish that task.

Start Looking Now

These are only a few smart phone apps that have the potential to help your spouse stop snoring. While there is nothing more frustrating than a snoring spouse, you can at least get some relief with these iPhone and Android apps. The best part is that most of these apps are either free or cost less than five dollars. These apps are surely one of the cheapest ways to stop snoring and get on the sleep band wagon.

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