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Some great tips on how to Manage Snoring through Yoga right at home - Part 2

1. Bee Breathing

Brahmari or Bee breathing is also one of the types of breathing exercise which could help in getting relief from snoring. Sit in a comfortable posture, inhale normally and as you exhale, make a humming sound that is similar to a bee. Care has to be taken that the exhalation process is twice longer as compared to inhalation or as long as possible. This breathing exercise could enhance the life force within your body and hence could clear the nasal passage thus benefiting in getting relief from snoring.

2. Hissing Pranayama or Ujjayi Pranayama

Yoga for Snoring This type of breathing exercise is practised by sitting in a comfortable posture, breathing normally. Now have an inhalation and as you exhale make a “hissing sound”. Take care that your exhalation is twice the duration of the inhalation or as long as possible. This type of breathing is said to be beneficial in clearing your lung passage and removing any obstruction from your throat. This breathing is considered to be one of the best remedy for snoring. You can get step by step guide on Ujjayi Pranayama here.

3. Sutraneti Kriya (Yogic Cleansing Procedure)

Yogic cleansing process called Yogic kriyas can be beneficial to some extent too. Sutraneti procedure is one of the practises which could help you in getting relief from Sleep Apnea. This procedure is done by passing a sanitised thread or sanitised rubber catheter through nostrils and the thread is taken out through the throat and motion of up and down is given. Care should to be taken that this practise is done under strict supervision of qualified yoga teacher who could guide you on the right methodology of the procedure. Procedure has to be stopped immediately if untoward symptoms like bleeding or pain occurs.

4. Meditation

Snoring Yoga Concentrating your breath during the practise of mediation can be very beneficial. Sit in a comfortable posture and try focussing on your breath. Now slowly concentrate on your breathing pattern. By concentrating on your breath, you could reduce your stress levels and also decrease your metabolic rates, improve your concentration levels and self awareness, and breathe more freely. It is advisable to practise mediation either in the early morning or before bed atleast 10 minutes daily. On a long term this practise can help maintain an optimum health, both at physical and mental levels.

5. Other Exercises

Regular routine of walking for about 10 to 15 minutes after dinner is very beneficial in the digestion and also in the prevention of sleep apnoea. Practise of simple breathing exercises like Nadishuddi pranayama can help in preventing sleep apnoea. Nadishuddi pranayama is done with inhalation through right nostril and exhalation through left and again inhalation through left and exhalation through right. This completes one round. Practise of nine rounds is recommended.

6. Prevention is Better than Cure

Yoga is a science that believes prevention is always better than cure. Routine exercises along with right food regimen can help in prevention of this disorder. Diet management to avoid being overweight is best possible way as obesity is also one of the causes for snoring. According to Yoga the food that we consume should be fresh and vegetarian (satvic nature). Eating stale, fried or fermented food is not recommended. Increased intake of fresh fruits and vegetables are always highly recommended. Drink copious amount of water to avoid constipation and also to enhance proper digestion. These practises play a vital role in prevention of snoring and sleep apnoea. Simple technique of sleeping on your side could be tried to avoid sleep apnoeas. Other practises like simple stretching and relaxing exercises can be beneficial in increasing the suppleness, enhancing mental and physical balance and also improving the quality of sleep. One should practise these exercises on a regular pattern daily.

Avoiding alcohol and smoking along with proper diet regimen can also benefit snorers. Home remedies like sipping 2-3 drops of olive oil before bed can also help to prevent snoring. Avoid eating spicy or oily foods for supper. Simple bland dinner with lot of fruits and vegetable salads is also a good option.

Yoga is an age old science. Practise of simple techniques can benefit you in prevention of sleep apnoeas thus relieving you from snoring. Yogic exercises also keep us healthy at physical, mental and spiritual levels.

Some great tips on how to Manage Snoring through Yoga right at home - Part 1

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