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Can Snoring Cause a Sore Throat? Get insights to it here

Can Snoring Cause a Sore ThroatThere are many people around us who tend to snore. Studies reveal that 40% of the total population snores at one point or the other in their lives. It may include babies, toddlers, and adults from different age groups. Nearly 60% of the male population snores and 30% of female population tends to snore. When snoring becomes a daily issue, it needs to be addressed.

Snoring may not be directly related to a number of problems but in the root level it comes associated with a plenty of health disorders. Short term side effects of snoring include inability to focus, low performance at work, decreased libido, risky driving, daytime somnolence, fatigue, and forgetfulness. When the issue remains unaddressed for a long period of time, it can lead to cardiac problems, hypertension, stress, anxiety disorder, and even diabetes.

Many people wonder about the issue “Can Snoring Cause a Sore Throat”. The people who sleep with open mouth tend to lose moisture of the airways leading to dryness. This can cause snoring. So, mouth-breathing can lead to dryness of the membranes which irritates them. Sore throat is often caused by open mouth while sleeping. So, in context of Does Snoring Cause Sore Throat, snoring is indirectly related to sore throat.

What causes snoring is determined by a number of factors. In order to understand the cause behind snoring, it is important to understand what snoring is. Snoring is caused when the airways gets constricted and in order to accommodate the airflow, the muscles of the throat make resonating sounds. There can be many reasons behind snoring, most common of which include:

  • Cigarette smoking. It tends to dry up the membranes of throat and mouth. This irritates them and leads to snoring.
  • Consuming alcohol daily tends to relax the muscles of throat and mouth. They slack back and tend to partially obstruct the airway.
  • Use of anti-histamines, muscle relaxants, and sedative drugs. These too tend to relax the tensed muscles which can lead to obstruction of airway to some extent.
  • Gender is a contributing factor to snoring. Men are more exposed to snoring than women because of their fleshy neck mass and less diameter of the airway.
  • People who are obese have excess fat deposition around the neck and throat. This leads to constriction of airway.
  • Intake of heavy meals and dairy products before reclining to sleep can lead to snoring also.

Many people think that cold and flu are linked to snoring as well. This is true to some extent. This is because when the nasal airway is blocked in case of allergies or cold, it forces the person to breathe through mouth at night. This often dries up the mucous membranes and irritates them. This can lead to snoring. Using a nasal decongestant and seeking treatment for flu or cold can resolve the issue to a significant extent.

At times, overuse of nasal sprays and seasonal allergies can add to an individual’s chances of snoring. Physiologically, people who have heavy tongue are more likely to snore. There are age-related causes of snoring as well. As we tend to age, our throat muscles become flabby and loose. This can make our tongue fall backwards which can close in the throat causing the person to make resonating snoring sounds. At times misplaced structure of the jaw, engorged tonsils, elongated soft palate, deviated nasal septum, and enlarged tongue can be the causes behind snoring.

Despite the variety of causes of snoring, seeking timely treatment for the problem is important in every case. In few cases, snoring has been associated with obstructive sleep apnea. Timely diagnosis of the cause behind snoring is very important. It can save the individual from long-term side effects of the problem. Trying over-the-counter remedies and consulting a specialist if nothing seems to work can help get rid of the problem in an effectual way.

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